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Monitor Windvane
Product Description

Since its humble beginnings in a southern California garage in 1975, the Monitor windvane has grown to become the world's most popular mechanical self-steering device. Walk any dock in the world and you will likely encounter a Monitor, installed and ready to go. Based on the servo pendulum principle and utilizing your ship's rudder, the Monitor is unequaled in performance and durability.

Since its introduction there have been over 50 design enhancements to the Monitor, leveraging our experience on the racecourse and feedback from our cruising customers. Today’s generation of Monitor combines stainless steel construction, advanced bearing surfaces and the principle of a servo pendulum to ensure top performance and years of reliable service in the widest range of operating conditions, from the lightest of winds to the heaviest. With its optional emergency rudder system, the Monitor can also get you home safely should you lose steerage and/or your ships rudder.

With the addition of the Monitor TopHat, there are now two styles of Monitors to choose from. The traditional Monitor for boats clear of overhead obstructions and the TopHat for boats with dinghy davits, solar panels or arches.


Whichever model is right for you, your new Monitor includes everything you’ll need to sail off into the sunset including a stainless-steel mounting system, wheel or tiller adapter, a spare safety tube, pendulum control lines, heavy and light air airvanes and a three (3) year warranty.


Two types of mounting systems are available for your Monitor. The fixed mount is the Monitor’s traditional mounting system and is included in the price of the Monitor. It typically attaches to the boat with four (4) brackets. The optional SwingGate mount is designed for boats with open or reverse transoms and can swing open, allowing access to the boat’s transom, swim platform and stern ladder. The SwingGate design can also incorporate storage for dive tanks, jerry jugs, fenders and more.

The Monitor has been installed on thousands of boats, so there is a good chance we already have a design for yours. If not, no worries, we’ll design the ideal mount for her, and it’s all included in the price of your new Monitor.

Emergency Steering

In the event that you loose steerage (lost rudder, broken cable, linkage etc.) your Monitor can easily be converted to an emergency rudder by locking the pendulum and sliding the e-rudder foil over the Monitor's water paddle. Stowed away until needed, it's a robust system that has been proven in offshore conditions. 

Monitor Features



  • U.S. manufactured stainless steel for advanced corrosion resistance

  • Precision manufactured and assembled in California by Scanmar technicians

  • Weight only 52 lbs, 23 kg, with typical mounting system

  • No lubrication required for the life of the product, just fresh water

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