The "E-Rudder" Monitor Emergency Rudder
Convert your Monitor Windvane to a proven emergency rudder  system
Product Description
For Monitor windvane users, there's a proven solution that overcomes the nightmare of losing a boat's main rudder, the E-Rudder emergency rudder system. The E-Rudder system converts a regular Monitor windvane into a proven emergency rudder system to safely get a crew and boat into port. Due to its compact design, the system conveniently stows below decks and is ready to deploy in the event of a rudder failure. The E-Rudder system features:
  • Proven in harsh Southern Ocean conditions
  • Works with small to large boats 
  • Rudder comes with everything needed to convert the Monitor windvane to an emergency rudder system
  • Includes custom mounting system included
  • Straightforward deployment 
  • Affordable and satisfies ocean racing emergency rudder requirements
The E-Rudder system includes:
  • Engineered stainless steel water paddle with eye bolts
  • Bracket to lock the Monitor's pendulum from swinging
  • Upper and lower Spectra support lines
  • Storage bag with attachments for stowing
  • Adaptable to the Pelagic Autopilot and tiller pilots for electronic autopilot steering

"The M-RUD, without a doubt, will get you back to port should the ultimate mishap of a broken
rudder occur".  Around Alone Sailor, Robin Davie
(Note: the M-Rud was the original Monitor E-Rudder system)

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