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The "E-Rudder" Monitor Emergency Rudder
Convert your Monitor Windvane to a proven emergency rudder system
Product Description
For Monitor windvane users, there's a proven solution that overcomes the nightmare of losing a boat's main rudder, the E-Rudder emergency rudder system. The E-Rudder system converts a Monitor windvane into a proven emergency rudder system to safely get a crew and boat into port. Due to its compact design, the system conveniently stows below decks and is ready to deploy quickly in the event of a rudder failure. The E-Rudder system features:
  • Simple, straightforward deployment and only installed when you need it
  • Rudder comes with everything needed to convert the Monitor windvane to an emergency rudder system
    • Stainless rudder sleeve slides over the Monitor's water paddle 
    • Stainless bracket locks pendulum in place
  • Proven in harsh Southern Ocean conditions
  • Works with small to large boats 
    • Boats less than 30' can often use the Monitor water paddle to steer in an emergency by using the bracket to lock pendulum​
  • Satisfies ocean racing emergency rudder requirements
  • Fits modern era Monitor water paddles. If in doubt, call or email with your Monitor's serial number to ensure fit.
The E-Rudder system includes:
  • Engineered stainless steel rudder sleeve with eye bolts
  • Stainless bracket to lock the Monitor's pendulum in place
  • Upper and lower Spectra support lines
  • Storage bag for stowing
  • Adaptable to the Pelagic Autopilot and tiller pilots for electronic autopilot steering
Note that for boats under 30' with moderate displacement, the Monitor water paddle may be sufficient to provide emergency steering. In this case, only the bracket to lock the pendulum would be required. 

"The M-RUD, without a doubt, will get you back to port should the ultimate mishap of a broken
rudder occur".  Around Alone Sailor, Robin Davie
(Note: the M-Rud was the original Monitor E-Rudder system)
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