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The AnchorRescue
"Thank you so much, you saved our bacon, our anchor and our chain." s/v Antipole 
Product Description

The AnchorRescue is a multi-purpose anchor recovery system that integrates seamlessly with the ship's anchoring system. As part of your anchor system, the AnchorRescue is always ready to deploy and successfully retrieve a fouled anchor when needed.

AnchorRescue means you never have to rig a trip line again or worry about what might be lurking down there. And better yet, you never have to leave your favorite anchor on the bottom.

  • Rescue your anchor from under chain, cable or rocks

  • Raise your anchor in the event of windlass failure

  • Eliminates need for trip lines

  • Anchoring system is never compromised

  • Works with most anchors (refer to FAQ'S for supported anchors)

  • Greatly reduces the risk of losing the primary anchoring system

  • Stainless steel construction

  • High quality components, designed and assembled in the USA 

  AnchorRescue     is a registered trademark of Scanmar International, Inc.