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The AnchorRescue II - US Patent 11,427,290 B2
ARSS Kit.jpg
"Thank you so much, you saved our bacon, our anchor and our chain." s/v Antipole (Sept. 2019)
AnchorRescue II with GoPro
AnchorRescue II with GoPro Attached
(Camera not included)
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AnchorRescue II Slider with Insert
Product Description

The AnchorRescue is a multi-purpose anchor recovery system that integrates seamlessly with your boat's anchoring system. As part of your anchor system, the AnchorRescue is always ready to deploy and successfully retrieve a fouled anchor when needed.

The AnchorRescue means you never have to rig a trip line again or worry about what might be lurking down there. And better yet, you never have to leave your favorite anchor on the bottom.

The AnchorRescue II ships as a kit, supporting anchor chain sizes ranging from 1/4" up to 3/8". For smaller chain sizes, just leave the insert in place, for 3/8" remove it. It's that simple.


In addition to accommodating multiple chain sizes, the AnchorRescue II now comes with an attachment point for your favorite underwater action camera, like a GoPro, allowing you to view your anchor situation anytime or before beginning the recovery operation.

For 1/2" chain, we continue to offer the AnchorRescue 300.

  • Rescue your anchor from under chain, cable or rocks

  • Raise your anchor in the event of windlass failure

  • Eliminates need for trip lines

  • Camera mount on AnchorRescue II allows you to view anchor anytime before recovery (camera not included)

  • Anchoring system is never compromised

  • Works with most anchors (refer to FAQ'S for supported anchors)

  • Greatly reduces the risk of losing the primary anchoring system

  • Stainless steel construction

  • High quality components, designed and assembled in the USA 

  AnchorRescue   is a registered trademark of Scanmar International, Inc.
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