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Scanmar Design Services for Optimal Form, Fit and Function

Scanmar’s line of windvanes and ladders are custom fit to your boat utilizing 3D CAD technology ensuring top performance from your investment. We call it form, fit and function.


While the products themselves are the same, how they attach to your boat varies depending on several factors including type and shape of stern, tumblehome, freeboard, type of cap rail/toe rail and accessories installed by the owner(s). Our design services are included in the price of your new Scanmar windvane or FoldAway boarding ladder.  

Over the years our products have been installed on thousands of boats allowing us to develop a large database of drawings and photographs of various installations. If you’re in the market for a windvane and have a production boat, there is a good chance that we already have a design for her. If not, no worries, we’ll design the ideal mount for her and it’s all included in the price of your new windvane.

If you’re looking for a boarding ladder, we can help you determine the proper length (one, two or three section) and mounting system to get you safely off the dock or out of the water.

To get the design process started, send us photographs of your boat. The more the better. We’ll then generate a measurement worksheet for you to complete next time you’re at the boat. With measurements in hand, we can then design the ideal mounting system ensuring optimal form, fit and function.

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