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The SwingGate is a unique mounting system for the Monitor Windvane. Designed to swing to the side allowing use of the swim platform, ladder or garage, the SwingGate allows the Monitor to be mounted on open or drop door transoms without the sacrifice in performance associated with an offset mount.  SwingGate mounts are custom designed for the boat and can typically incorporate storage for accessories such as fenders, dive tanks and jerry jugs to name a few. 

The SwingGate is available in two models; a vertical SwingGate for open style transoms and a sloped SwingGate for reverse or vertical transoms. The vertical gate pivots on one of the vertical posts, allowing access to the transom. When open, the SwingGate frame becomes a valuable hand hold when boarding to/from the dinghy.  The sloped model opens from either side and is easily removed from the boat by lifting the two locking pins.

SWING-GATE MOUNT - Hallberg Rassy 40 - 1
HR 39 SwingGate.png
HR 39 (2).png
Turtle Bay cropped.jpg
Jerry jug storage.jpg
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