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Windvane Galleries

Below is a list of available mounting diagrams and our collection of windvane mounting photos - about five thousand of them, representing over 35 years of windvane installations!  You'll find old Monitors, new Monitors, Auto-helms and Saye's Rigs, uncommon and common boats, and clever operating line installations - browse and find how other sailors have set up and rigged their windvanes.


Our collection includes thousands of mounting diagrams for Monitor, Auto-helm, and Saye's Rig setups. Simply tell us your boat model, and we'll send over the relevant mounting diagram. And if it's a new model for us, no worries, — we'll create a custom design for you, and it's all included when you purchase your new windvane.

Please be aware that our mounting designs have evolved based on customer feedback. Early images might display mounting configurations that have since been updated. In our extensive photo collection, you might observe a variety of mounting systems depicted for a specific boat.


Since the TopHat utilizes the same mounting systems as the traditional Monitor, we do not have a separate installation gallery organized by boat type. However, we have assembled a generic TopHat gallery that can be viewed here: TopHat Gallery


General Windvane Gallery:


1 Abl | 2 AN23 Ben | 4 Bre | 5 Cal | 6 CC3 | 7 Col | 8 Cor | 9 Daw | 10 Eri | 11 Fra | 12 Gul | 13 Hid | 14 Isl 

|15 Kar | 16 Lid | 17 Med | 18 Naj | 19 OC3 | 20 PDQ | 21 Ran | 22 S28 | 23 Sha | 24 SS4 | 25 Tah | 26 Ush 

27 Wat | 28 Zen |

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