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FoldAway Boarding Ladder
Safe. Easy. Attractive.

Stepping aboard from the dinghy can be a challenge and getting on or off from the transom downright dangerous.  The FoldAway Ladder gives you an added margin of safety whether boarding from your dinghy, dock or water.


Available in 3 lengths, reach for it with confidence when you come alongside. Get steadied; get a leg up, and you’re on your way, as graceful as a dance step. Boat ballet.

The extra length on the FoldAway makes it an important part of your COB recovery plan too. It reaches well into the water, allowing swimmers to reach it with hand and foot to boost themselves up and out safely.

Leave it deployed while you’re tied up at the dock. The life you save may be your own. 


Use a single section ladder for everyday boarding when away from your home port.  Combine it with a two or three section ladder on the other side and you’ve covered every scenario.

Underway, The FoldAway… Well… it folds away… nesting neatly and compactly along the lifelines. Like it was designed for it… and with it’s hard polished 316 stainless steel finish, it looks right at home on the finest yachts.

Product Description


The Foldaway boarding ladder is the best non-custom ladder available and an essential piece of gear for both sail and power boats worldwide. Designed and manufactured in the USA to exacting standards, the ladder’s unique hinge mechanism allows for easy deployment and retrieval.

  • The beauty and quality of USA-made 316L stainless steel
  • Easy deployment, retrieval, and stowage
  • Safe midship boarding from the water or the dock
  • Aids in MOB recovery

The ladder is made of welded and polished marine-grade 316 US stainless steel with heavy (.065) wall 1” OD tubing. The ladder can support over 300 lbs. and will mount to almost any rail or track.

The standard FoldAway ladder’s overall width is 21” and the step width 15”. The ladder is available in 24", 48" and 70" lengths and includes your choice of mounting system. Additional mounts can be ordered separately, allowing the ladder to be moved from one side to the other. Ladder options include:


  • Extra genoa track mount or extra bolt-on mount

  • Teak step kit (factory installed option or by the boat owner)

  • Handle kit

The optional handrail kit attaches to the ladder mount and can be left in place or is easily
removable.  The handrail reduces the strain on stanchions and stanchion bases.
When inquiring about a ladder for your boat, please specify:

  • Boat length and manufacturer.

  • Mounting system preference.

  • Length of ladder.            

Examples of rail and track mounts and dimensions below.  Note:  For non-standard mounts, please contact us

with your mounting requirements.

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