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Product Description

In use by cruisers and racers around the world, the Pelagic Autopilot is a sophisticated, yet simple standalone system designed for optimum performance in a variety of conditions.


The state of the art 9 axis gyro autopilot processes the vessel's roll, pitch, and yaw data to monitor and predict boat movement in any sea state, whether surfing downwind or beating against the trades. Its internal compass is independent of other onboard systems, allowing the autopilot to keep you on course long after your chartplotter gives out.


If you want to sail a high course or maintain sheeting angles despite compass headings, the Pelagic system can incorporate your NMEA 0183 apparent wind data as well. 

The Pelagic system consists of the control head, motor drive, tiller actuator and variety of accessories.


What's included with Standard Tiller System: 

- Control head unit with internal compass

- Motor drive electronics unit 

- Ruggedized actuator with Bulgin connector, mounting bracket and stainless deck pin

- Deck mounted brass sleeve bearing and stainless pin for connecting to the tiller. 

- A watertight deck mounted Bulgin connector and cover to supply power to the actuator.


Available Options Include:

- Wireless remote control 

- Spare Actuators that can be used for spares or converted to an operational actuator by attaching it to the actuator mounting bracket and Bulgin connector. 

- Actuator extension kit.

- Fabric covers for actuator and control head



- Data from nine MEMS sensors monitor the vessel's attitude and is used to adjust course and to compensate for roll, pitch, and yaw.

- NMEA 0183 data can be monitored to enable wind direction steering. NMEA 2K data is accessed via gateway.

- A simple user interface is implemented in a watertight control head, with dimmable LED lamps indicating status.

- The control head and motor drive are housed in NEMA watertight enclosures. 


 Pelagic Warranty: One year 

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