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The AnchorRescue II system is sold in kit form to accommodate chain sizes ranging from 1/4” to 3/8” (6mm - 10mm). The retriever is made of highly polished stainless steel.


The AnchorRescue II slider uses a stainless sleeve to accommodate smaller chain sizes. The system ships with the sleeve installed. To use the system with 3/8” chain, simply remove the 2 set screws and sleeve. The slider, sleeve and tether chain are 304 stainless steel.


The AnchorRescue II has a 1/4"-20 female threaded hole in the receiver gate, to accomdate an underwater sports camera allowing for viewing of the anchor prior to recovery efforts. The attachment point is a standard 1/4"-20 female tripod thread.  Depending on water clarity, there are many other uses for the AnchorRescue when rigged with a camera, such as looking for lost objects, viewing the sea bottom before dropping anchor and checking the underside of the boat.


The AnchorRescue II includes:

  •  AnchorRescue II stainless retreiver with camera attachment point
  •  Stainless steel slider and thether chain
  •  Stainless steel sleeve for use with chain ranging in size from 1/4" to 5/16" (6mm to 8mm)
  •  1/4" Stainless shackle for attaching to tether chain to anchor trip point 
  •  AnchorRescue Velcro ties

AnchorRescue II with Camera Mount - Complete kit for rigging one anchor

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